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Annibale Colombo, an Italian company operating for over 200 years, was founded in Brianza in the period where it develops on the territory thriving craftmade activities. The noble families of the nearby Milan, in love with the French refinements of the “700”, commission replicas of furniture designed by great cabinetmakers of the recent past, giving a strong boost to the already born but not yet refined local tradition.

Since then, and throughout its long history the company has been able to develop and maintain the capacity to interpret and process the materials, especially wood.

More than 60 species, skilfully worked and put together, they create furnishings that combine the charm of the “unique” to an extraordinary strength and reliability, the result of construction techniques very close to the traditional ones.

Annibale Colombo - Dettaglio 1

Annibale Colombo - Dettaglio 2

Annibale Colombo - Dettaglio 3





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