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Ivano Redaelli

Complements high fashion

Ivano Redaelli applies to the philosophy of high fashion finishes and furnishings, offering products with unique and unmistakable allure, able to cloak of elegance the entire house, from the day-living area to the sleeping area from the living room to the bathroom.
The Ivano Redaelli collections are divided into Interiors, Bedshape, Home Therapy and Continuity. In particular, the collection Interiors moves with ease from the day-living area to the sleeping area, with components and furnishing able to reflect a glamour never pretentious in any ambient.
Luxurious fabrics like cashmere, fur, suede, embroidery, leather, feathers and fringes inserts that embellish poufs, carpets, chairs and armchairs, sofas, bedding for the bathroom, for the table and for the bed: refined details that do not escape to more sophisticated and demanding look.
The philosophy of Ivano Redaelli interprets the furniture as a sensory experience, denying the exclusive primacy of the eye over the other senses to unleash the most exquisite sensations upon contact with the skin.
Proposals for furniture and accessories for the luxury houses by Ivano Redaelli includes beds, sofas, seating, containers, fabrics, accessories, plaids and pillows.

The Ivano Redaelli furniture collections

The collections of Ivano Redaelli can be divided into two main categories: Furniture and Textiles. Among furnishings, we find products characterized by great aesthetic impact and extreme formal sophistication such as beds, sofas, seats, tables, cabinets and complements ready to satisfy and interpret every need, without betraying the main concept, that is to create products which propose a new refined lifestyle.

The extreme attention to details and comfort can also be spotted in the choice of leather or fine fabric upholsteries which accentuate the idea of ​​being in a warm and welcoming spaces.

Ivano Redaelli textile collections

Another Ivano Redaelli’s winning point is the attention to details relating to materials fabrics that can be found in the following product categories: bath and bed linens, plaid/cushions, table wear and rugs.

The pleasure of wrapping yourself in the warm embrace of a knitted plaid, the lightness of summer linens and cottons that caress your body, the beauty of cushions that furnish and cheer up sofas and beds. Everything has been thought out with great attention, including the dining area, where tables and tablecloths, made of fine fabrics and extremely refined graphic patterns, invite to conviviality.

Whether it is a piece of furniture or a very refined fabric, the attention to detail and the choice of style overcomes time with a head held high. This makes Ivano Redaelli’s products life companions, designed to give pleasantness, not only to every environment, but also to the activities that take place there.

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