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Classical excellence and diversity

Soul and brand image is the craftsmanship and in the majority of interventions even manual work. Provasi has specialized craftsmen, custodians of a tradition of craftmenship rooted for over two centuries, who are the architects of carvings and inlays of the highest quality and originality.

In the last twenty years the Provasi production has evolved and transformed, following the changes in Italy of the classic furnishing taste, but the best forms and objects of the past still remain reference in each process.

The relationship with the classical models becomes less rigid, increases creativity and the past is reinterpreted in new forms. From here today the demand for our products and their signature is in offering a fine aesthetic and above all original.

Over the past ten years, the “lifestyle” of Provasi has achieved great success thanks to an offer of complete furniture for all areas, linked by the common thread of elegance and consistency.


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Provasi - dettaglio


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