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Just One piece

Just one piece is an Italian furniture brand whose innovative collections are the expression of the creative genius of Alessandro Gedda.The contemporary artist and designer realizes objects whose shape, materials and perspectives create a blend of inimitable  works, a combination of invention, passion, modernity and tradition. The creations, unique and with innovative design, propose original shapes born from the pure research of the author.

The traits and lines which describe and characterize the several creations are the expression of the designer ’s vision which translates the elements of the male and feminine universe into a playful effect of lines , contracts and oppositions.In the various works you can find on one side rigorous and straight strokes, as a proof of strength and masculinity, on the other side soft and sinuous elements, expressions of the purest femininity. In some creations the two opposing realities merge and give birth to sensational and innovative works, such as the Stealth sofa, characterized by a rigid structure with sharp -cornered features, which at the same time discloses an unexpected soft comfort in the sitting.  The artist ’s creations, in their various and original expressions, can be placed in a boundary area between art and design.

 Not subject to the limitations of the mass-production, they possess the overwhelming strength of “handmade” work . They are exclusive works, symbol of handicraft and attention to details. The Masterpieces, unique and unrepeatable pieces , are expression of the “ tailor-made” work , reated by uniting Alessandro Gedda’s genius with the customer ’s history and taste , and using unusual techniques such as the painting decoration.The various creations keep their functionality and are enjoyable, while conveying to the env i ronment a touch of taste and style.


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