News Cassina 2020

News Cassina 2020

The Cassina Perspective

For a company that needs no introduction, it’s always difficult to find aspects and features that haven’t been dealt with yet. Cassina, however, likes to surprise and amaze its customers by always being in the spotlight. An example is “The Cassina Perspective“, a new philosophy, a new way of conceiving spaces and emotions through furnishings which, in 2020, express all the values and qualities of this company which for more than 90 years has been setting trends in the design world. From the very beginning, Cassina has always been a company that aims for uncompromising excellence where craftsmanship know-how combines with the most modern machinery technology. It was and continues to be able to produce furnishing elements that are appreciated the world over. By introducing “The Cassina Perspective”, new products have entered the catalogue which aim to be icons of modern design and others which are examples of innovation and progress. The number of new items in this collection has been deliberately reduced, opting for a more attentive pursuit of new materials that are also and most importantly eco-sustainable and consistent with the current way of thinking. The new products range from living and dining areas to bedrooms with “The Cassina Perspective at Night“. Among these new products, we find re-editions of pieces that have made company history becoming icons known everywhere as well as absolutely new items that bring new ideas and approaches to everyday life. Let’s have a closer look at some of the new proposals for the living area.

New products in the Cassina 2020 Collection for Living/Dining areas

The products designed by Patricia Urquiola stand out among the countless innovations that have been introduced. Art Director of the Cassina brand since 2015, Urquiola’s experience and indisputable skills as a designer have once again allowed her to transform simple objects into fantastic ways of living. Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret are among the top names brought back to life in the Cassina 2020 Collection. However, Piero Lissoni has created an absolutely new product, Mex-Hi, a system of sofas whose smallest details have been studied for proven eco-sustainability and comfort.

Sengu Sofa, relaxation reinterpreted in The Cassina Perspective

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Sengu Sofa on first impact conveys comfort and conviviality. With its soft and enveloping forms inspired by the Oriental world, the Sengu Sofa welcomes guests in a gentle embrace where natural materials and colours calm the mind and body for moments of absolute relaxation also spent in company. As mentioned earlier, Cassina has taken a much more sustainably aware approach and this system of sofas embodies it; the padding in the cushions is in fact derived from an entirely recyclable material recovered from the seas.

As you can see, the structure of this Cassina sofa enhances the purity and simplicity offered by the two wooden beams that run the length of the piece while the back and armrests are tilted slightly to further increase the already high level of comfort given by the padding.

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LC2 and LC3 Fauteuil Grand Confort Durable in a sustainable version, for the Cassina 2020 collection

This historic collection of armchairs and sofas arising from the genius of Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret are the undisputed symbols of international design and are now updated in more ecological versions. The original lines remain untouched while the foamed elements have been integrated with eco-compatible polyols, obtained from bio-renewable elements, and a blown fibre recovered from the oceans is inserted inside the padding of seats and cushions to increase softness and comfort levels.

This philosophy reflects the idea that the three designers sustained out of respect for the environment. The only aesthetic feature that has been revisited is the finish of the tubular frame of the seat structure which in this version is made of brushed nickel for a semi-opaque effect, a finish which stands out for its more sustainable process compared to the original.

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Mex-Hi, the latest innovation from The Cassina Perspective

Another 2020 innovation for Cassina is the Mex-Hi sofa designed by Piero Lissoni. A completely new and highly modular seating system that allows linear, corner or island sofas to be created simply by selecting the position of the backs, armrests and seats that are fixed on five bases with different sizes. The structure is made of a tubular steel complete with elastic straps. This sofa system also features cushion padding which is totally eco-sustainable owing to an eco-sustainable fibre obtained from the seas. The Mex-Hi collection is then completed with an ottoman/coffee table which can be configured to taste with a tray top or a top in marble or solid wood.

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New products for Night rooms in the Cassina 2020 collection

Cassina’s new interpretation of the home now extends to the sleeping area with a complete and innovative proposal of iconic pieces as well as new creations from Patricia Urquiola and Rodolfo Dordoni, not to mention a new collaboration with Neri&Hu. The objective is to create eclectic spaces that offer maximum relaxation, and occasions to meditate and regenerate body and soul. Furthermore, owing to experimentation done by Cassina LAB, methods for promoting well-being in the sleeping area have been studied. This resulted in new mattresses with eco-sustainable materials that guarantee high degrees of comfort while respecting the environment. Strategies to purify the air and reduce noise were then analysed to make the bedroom the perfect place to spend the finest relaxing moments.

Bio-mbo, Patricia Urquiola aims at designing well-being

The first new item is a bed destined to become the absolute showpiece of any bedroom with its size and design. The Bio-mbo bed stands out for its distinctive and generous padded headboard complete with two rotating side panels and storage pockets so everything will always be at hand. But the head-turning features don’t stop here. In fact, the headboard is covered with a special fabric that can absorb and disaggregate polluted air particles facilitating the recirculation of clean air; what’s more, the headboard is made with sound-absorbing insulation capable of decreasing sound frequency vibrations. Aesthetic attention to details has not been overlooked: here we find beautiful button-tufting all over the headboard created by skilled Cassina craftsmen and wonderful hinges that allow the side panels to rotate and open the bed to the rest of the room or to close, welcoming those who lie down in a sweet embrace. Round bedside tables and a convenient optional lamp complete the Bio-mbo.

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Stay, Neri&Hu add class and elegance to “The Cassina Perspective at Night”

The designers from Shanghai are engaged in their first collaboration with Cassina and have presented a collection of freestanding accessories with a purely classic appeal but which reveal their flair for contemporary international design in the finishes and construction details (and more). Three elements comprise the Stay collection: a screen, a desk and a clothes stand; all elements that embellish and complete the sleeping area bestowing the room with elegance and sophistication.

Stay Screen is composed of three panels joined with beautiful metal hinges that allow it to rotate, opening or closing completely. The rich finishes are what make it beautiful, in addition to the object’s aesthetics. You can in fact choose between different shades of Ash or Canaletto walnut for the interior while the exterior can be lacquered in 8 different colours resulting in an object with a very refined double finish. The Stay Screen is completed by metal garment hooks and the possibility of integrating a large rectangular mirror or a round mirror should you decide to complete the Stay Screen with the Vanity Table desk. All metal elements are available in a bronze or gunmetal finish.

Then we move on to the Vanity Table desk, a light but solid object featuring a beautiful tubular metal frame (also in bronze or gunmetal finish) and a solid wood top housing a jewellery drawer and a leather insert top to give an extra touch of elegance to the object.

Lastly, we have the Clothes Stand, consisting of a hanger and a wooden rod for hanging clothes, a wooden storage tray to hold small objects and a marble base that is perfect for stowing bags and shoes. The wood and metal finishes are obviously the same as for the screen and desk, echoing each other in pursuit of the highest quality and sophistication.

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Acute, Rodolfo Dordoni and a mixture of materials

The Acute bed is yet another new article included in “The Cassina Perspective by Night”, this time bearing the Rodolfo Dordoni signature, where we find very sinuous and harmonious lines to perfectly match the variety of materials and finishes that have been used. What first stands out is the headboard, very long and made of ash wood, which houses cushions in fabric or leather, height-adjustable to need. The fabric cushion can also be configured to include, as with the Bio-mbo bed, an insert that absorbs polluted air particles and promotes the recirculation of clean air inside the room.

The bed frame is also a very visible and distinctive part of this bed and can be supported by feet or placed over drawers with upholstered leather fronts useful for storing bed linens. Acute is also easily accessorized with shelves, lighting, sockets and storage compartments that make the bed structure complete and comfortable. Considering the countless measures that are being taken to improve lifestyles inside homes, Acute is the perfect bed to choose for a bedroom that is abreast of the times with undeniable aesthetic appeal.

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