The historical novamobili company is opening its first flagship store in the heart of porta nuova, milan, and presenting its interior design collections by means of spectacular video installations: ABOUT


The Novamobili flagship store, managed together with its partner, Interni Mobili & Design, is a multifunctional space covering 500 square metres with shop windows overlooking the road, located in the basement of the iconic GIOIAOTTO building (in Via Melchiorre Gioia, 6/8) constructed in 1973 and designed by Marco Zanuso and Pietro Crescini. A spectacular setting designed by Edoardo Gherardi (multi-award winning designer, founder of the Gherardiarchitetti studio and creator of architectural designs all over the world, and art director of Novamobili) with video installations created by the film director Marco Pozzi (maker of films presented and awarded at international festivals including the International Film Festivals of Venice and Berlin, of commercials and of video installations for important brands and museums throughout the world) and with Paolo Bazzani as image coordinator (the art director who has designed the catwalks and graphic art images of labels such as Antonio Marras and Kenzo).

The collections designed by Edoardo Gherardi communicate with ten, tall totems that hint to stories of people who interact with recreated domestic spaces and with the spectators. The setting is transformed into a film set that becomes the backdrop for human landscapes. The apparent stillness of the images creates a hypnotic effect that mesmerises the spectator. The narration of the objects is completed and extended through the attraction created by the presence of a human being who directly questions the visitors who are invited to make up their own story. Echoes of lives. A sound. A gesture. A look. A movement. A scent. A colour. An image you can use as a mirror whose reflection you can relate to.

FUORI SALONE 2015 (14th-19th April)

Novamobili Flagship store

Via Melchiorre Gioia 6/8