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The outdoor collection designed by Jacopo Foggini with a crystal effect that evokes the transparency of the water

brand designer April 2022

Edra succeeds in its intent to create timeless products thanks to in-depth research and experimentation on shapes and materials.

His design vision materialized through consolidated know-how that combines innovation and tradition by working on materials, technology and high quality manufacturing. Edra invents and uses materials conceived from time to time for that particular project, always characterized by intrinsic technical and sensorial qualities capable of transmitting tactile pleasures and visual sensations that contribute to the beauty of the form.

Edra is substance and substance is matter. The latter understood as an element that is independent from trends and time, which expresses a concept of universal beauty, but which at the same time reflects the feeling of contemporaneity. A starting point for the project that often becomes the very idea of the project. Whether it is padding, fabrics, polycarbonate or metals, the materials have to meet the requirements that represent the core values of the products: comfort, performance, attention to detail, ecology, universality of use and durability.


The materials and technologies used come from different sectors and it is precisely this dialectic between different disciplines that opens up new avenues for the project. Studies and tests are also carried out in fields such as biomedical or engineering, in order to guarantee extraordinary well-being and resistance performance and many matters were born from conversions, transformations, blends, transpositions from one production area to another.


Jacopo Foggini's work on polycarbonate, for example, was born in an unexpected context. His plastic materials were in principle those used by the artist's father in the automotive sector. Jacopo took that material, which in the form of granules is recycled from helmets, toys ... and reinterpreted it, gave it a second life, making it, thanks to the collaboration with Edra, refined objects of art rather than furniture.

Unique objects, which do not leave you indifferent, "which embody - says Foggini - a double tension and research: the poetic, intuitive one, and the manual, technical one". Like A’mare, the collection consisting of tables, chairs, armchairs, bench and sunbed made with pure polycarbonate sticks placed side by side. Its name is a play on words that becomes a declaration of intent: it expresses the love and passion of designing and at the same time the idea of solidifying water into precious objects, their "becoming sea" and becoming places of welcome, relaxation and comfort that establish a new alliance between nature and artifice.


In addition, in fact, it seems to sit, lie down, eat and drink on the water. The sea becomes, with its magical reflections, the protagonist of the inhabited space. The outdoor collection, but not only, plays camouflaged with its environment, fading when placed near the water of the sea and the pool, or lighting up with infinite shades of blue if hit by sunlight.

From a technological point of view, after the polycarbonate extrusion process, every single stick of the A’mare collection is hand polished. The extruded material comes out of the machine with a constant section, however manual processing affects the section itself, making it non-regular and non-constant, each unique.

The project plays on the material by elaborating a new language that characterizes a family of objects not designed, but whose strength lies in the gesture: a simple line that highlights the purity of polycarbonate, solid and flexible that becomes fluid and liquid at the sight.

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