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brandproductMay 2022


"We believe in the five senses to stimulate our creativity: vision, touch, sound, taste, smell. Our mission is to capture these sensorial attributes and translate them into our projects to trigger off exciting new emotions and reasoning…be it for small objects or large interiors, giving a new sense to our work."


Gordon Guillaumier is a malta-born designer educated in Malta, Switzerland, England and Italy, where he graduated in industrial design and obtained a master’s degree. In 2002 he founded Studio Gordon Guillaumier in Milan and started to design products for international companies, ranging from upholstered furniture to ceramics. His approach combines balance with attention for visual, tactile and textural aspects. He is part of RODA’s team for artistic direction.

RODA Laze armchair

The latest collections designed by Guillaumier for Roda are LAZE collection, sofas and armchair with a sinuous and enveloping silhouette and ASPIC collection, a series of coffee tables characterized by a great materiality, essential and architectural.

LAZE is an invitation to rest, to enjoy the tranquility of reading a book in a garden lounge and indulging in the luxury of dedicating time to ourselves: in each element of the collection the polyester or recycled acrylic filaments are stretched on the stainless steel frame and support the comfortable cushions, of seat and back or just for the seat, in order to allow a natural transpiration, ideal for hot summer days. The collection is completed with a sofa, proposed with only the seat cushion, and a large footrest pouf. A large number of chromatic variations, offered by the combinations of structures and cords, leave space for the maximum personalization of the outdoor furniture.


Gordon Guillaumier tells about his new collection: "Laze project is conceived as ‘laze seating’ indeed, thanks to a wide and enveloping shell. The double height of the backrest is suitable to moments of conversation or reading, while the rocking chair reminds a cradle and it is perfect for a nap. The seat and back cushion, as an option, add further comfort, while the seat-only cushion allows a natural transpiration through the strings, ideal for hot summer days ".

RODA Aspic collection

Poured concrete takes shape and breathes life into an original collection of tables designed by Gordon Guillaumier. ASPIC stands out for its sinuous lines, a solid and concrete structure with a visible granular finish on the surface. ASPIC includes three extremely versatile tables, two with round tops in different sizes and the other one in a larger oval version, whose concrete structure gives a sense of stability and durability in sharp contrast to the visual elegance of the tops and the concave lines of the base.


“ The Aspic tables are outdoor furniture items designed as a multi purpose mini series, to combine with several styles of seating for outdoor lounge or relaxation areas. The collection stands out for its highly minimalist architectural style; during the prod uction process, liquid cement is poured into industrial moulds, almost like making a dessert; hence the name Aspic"

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