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branddesignerMay 2022


Creativity has no meaning unless you are in the process of transposing an idea from your imagination into reality. It can occur in figurative and conceptual art as well as in design, where there is also a functional necessity. The ability to create depends on one’s subjective sensitivity toward the material. It also depends on the logic of adding that sensitivity to the design in a unique manner.


"Working with stone is a process of truth. Each block of marble is a possibility, a journey backward, tending towards a renewal that expresses truth."

Henge is an interior design company that has always been at the forefront of researching materials, and there was a desire to experiment and create new elements. This has led to an ongoing and increasingly incisive collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori, a “sui generis” jewelry and contemporary lifestyle designer. The collaboration created products that have unmistakable style. They embrace the brand's DNA and bring it closer to the world of contemporary art.


Cacciatori grew up in a dynasty of marble quarry owners, therefore he had an imprinting of marble and artisan workshops. The designer paired his studies in architecture with his studies on the job, as he observed from a very young age the expert hands of the artisans who worked with stone, acquiring both their secrets as well as an absolute respect for the materials that they handled.


"The only way to know the physical limits of the idea is if the designer is constantly present in the workshop and if he has a dialectical relationship with the artisan. Once his trust is won, creativity and experience come together and the magic of creation simply happens."


The TEST series of lamps is a new chapter in Henge’s interpretation of light. The project is a specific choice that delves into materials that have the power to express and transpose the 'genius' aesthetic of the brand. The large TEST-ONE table lamp, evocative of a modern stele, comes to life and expresses itself through different materials. It can be white like the moon in the polished Onyx Ice, as the stone is first sculpturally opalescent and then a resplendent Brutalist creation. It can also be mysterious like dying star in the Rapolano Travertine, as it allows glimmers to escape from the cavities of the stratifications and from the characteristic crescent of the undercut.


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