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The philosophy of Alchymia is synthetically contained inside the word decoration, totally explored during fifty years of research, experiences and implementation. Alchymia is a great boutique based on the cult of knowledge, respect for tradition, dogma of manualism, quality discipline. Today, alongside the founder Lucio Doro, there is the whole family with the same passion and culture of decoration, active around the historic atelier, with a team of designers, decorators and artists and a heritage of international references that develop the decorative benefit for private homes and public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, offices, conference halls.

Alchymia creates masterpieces and fully bespoke lifestyle, combining countless kinds of craftsmanship and techniques. The tailor-made interior solutions and high-end lifestyle are characterized by the richness and constant research of materials and decoration techniques which allow us to create real pieces of art, appreciated all over the world. The creative atelier, the workshop, the projects in progress are the areas where the values that Alchymia represents are showed: an art story, a compelling and engaging manner, a decorative design service aimed to the domestic market but especially to the international one, acting as a proactive partner for interior designers and architectural firms.


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