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Founded in 1952, Moroso is a brand famous all over the world for the high quality of its furniture products. In particular, the company has been able to stand out and get noticed in the great landscape of upholstered furniture, thanks to the high quality and uniqueness of the products created. The sofas, armchairs and other Moroso chairs furnish luxurious and contemporary style environments, creating simply unique spaces.

The know-how of the early days, its artisan and sartorial spirit, merge today in an excellent way with industrial production, creating unique products, a union of design, contemporary art and fashion. Moroso furniture products have a design that represents the maximum expression of the brand’s philosophy: the sincere passion for beauty, art and emotion. The final design of each product expresses the company’s love and daily commitment. The care for every detail, the high quality of materials, the high-profile collaborations with designers and the accuracy of the stylistic research, make Moroso an exclusive luxury brand.

Moroso Furnishings: luxury sofas and armchairs, for a refined but functional environment.

The sofa is one of the most important and characterizing pieces when choosing furniture: it is the undisputed protagonist of the living room, a silent companion of the various moments of relaxation and leisure. In the design phase, Moroso imagines the sofa as a place to meet and socialize. An intermediate spot that combines resting with a relaxed and unconventional sharing of space, in the company of the loved ones. The catalog of Moroso sofas offers a large variety of products with very different designs: contemporary, lively, innovative and unique shapes, fabrics and colors. 

Shapes and designs born from the company’s pursuit of a constant dialogue with the protagonists of the present. Colors, shapes and lines always change: complex upholstery systems are alternated when combined with soft contours while the colors are used in their entire range. For example the Blur sofa stands out for its squared and rational shapes, but unusual in their entirety. Blur, created by Marc Thorpe, is a study on architectural invisibility, through the material suggestion of disappearance. The designer questioned the relationship between the figure and the background. To give life to its suggestion, a new jacquard fabric was created and produced, which cancels the relationship between space and volumes. A strong visual impact, with shapes and colors almost at the edges of the Bohemian sofa. Recreated by Patricia Urquiola, this sofa stands out for its soft, enveloping shapes, for a final result that seems almost liquid. The detail that catches the eye is the upholstery: a rich overlap of materials that transforms it into a luxury patchwork. A classic sofa that has been reinvented and improved, but still keeps its nomad and global spirit.

Moroso armchairs: beauty icons

Armchairs, small armchairs and other chairs is a privileged field of design in Moroso. Unlike sofas, a fixed point in the living room, around which everything gravitates, the armchairs are complementary furniture, on whose design it can be widely experimented. Moroso designers have always been committed to constant stylistic research, to create armchairs with a strong iconic value. The armchair becomes the protagonist, the beauty icon, in balance between functionality and aesthetic quality.

As for the sofas, the catalog dedicated to Moroso armchairs is also characterized by the variety and originality of the proposals. The feeling is that almost every shape known to us and imaginable has been transformed into a chair. For example, to design the Fjord armchair, Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the fragments of the shell. The chairs of the entire collection are distinguished by their imperfect and irregular shapes. Just like the fragments that the sea deposits on the beach: broken but delicate, being smoothed by the sea. The regenerating water softens the shapes of the fragments, and so also the Fjord chairs have soft features, even if they are irregular. The end result is a harmonious armchair in its entirety: a not to be missed design object.

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