The program
MDW 2023


Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
18-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

Interni Radio Talk
19/04 h.18.00 Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
20/04 h.18.00 Isabella Genovese
21/04 h.18.00 Giulio Cappellini

For the sixty-first Salone del Mobile Interni presents the second edition of “Interni Radio”, a live and digital event telling the stories and projects of the great brands through meetings and interviews with internationally acclaimed designers.

A dynamic and cultural event that will take place at the Interni Design Factory, in the heart of Milan’s design district, in Via Turati 8. Meetings, discussions and panels on cross-sectional themes and unifying passions. Interni will entertain its physical and digital guests in three dedicated occasions and exclusive interviews.

Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
18-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

21/04 h.19.00-21.00 Private Cocktail with Humberto Campara & Jacopo Foggini by invitation

Spazio Edra it is an absolute container, adaptable anywhere, a dematerialized and neutral space where the qualities of Edra products and the universality of the use that distinguish the collection are presented with rigor and elegance.

Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
18-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

19/04 h. 18.00-21.00 Private Cocktail, by invitation

The garden on the terrace. RODA’s terrace renews itself for the Milano Design Week: a lush installation of plants, like a garden, hosts 100% outdoor collections including Estendo, designed by Luca Pevere, and Onda, by Gordon Guillaumier. An exclusive environment filled with charm and emotions in the heart of Milan

Via Filippo Turati, 6
18-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

18-22/04 h.18.30-21.00 Private Gourmet Cocktail with Chef Massimo Spigaroli by invitation

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Exteta is pleased to present the latest works of two of the most notable Italian designers, Paola Navone and Massimo Castagna, at Salone del Mobile. Their singular approach and talent have given rise to designs that speak volumes about the artistry and finesse that Exteta embodies, and we are proud to showcase them to the public. Displayed are also novelties of the exclusive furniture collection: Loro Piana Interiors ‘The Delight Chairs’ by Exteta. 

Via Durini, 7
08-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

20/04 h.19.00-22.00 Private Showcooking by invitation

In its Durini flagship store, Arclinea presents a project to inspire connections with quntessential ingredients for life - food, family and nature - creating and offering new recipes for a positive impact on people and the environment.

Via Solferino (Galleria San Marco)
17-22/04 h. 10.00-20.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

19/04 h.18.00-20.00 Private Showcooking with Simone Finetti by invitation

Arredo3, design and made in Italy kitchens that are increasingly sustainable and unique in their details. Gaia, a preview of an extremely refined eco-sustainable set-up for Glass 2.0 and accessories designed exclusively for Arredo3: Brera handle, Tuttotondo and Arco collections, Stilo support.

Via Borgogna, 8
18-23/04 h. 10.00-21.00

17/04 h.19.00-21.00 Invitation only - Opening

Cappellini opens its new showroom in via borgogna 8, Milan. With an original concept, the brand's exhibition projects, events and initiatives are staged, including those of the design week. Spazio Cappellini Milano is configured as a hymn to freedom in which to promote a cultural exchange starting from design: iconic and contemporary pieces dialogue with artefacts from all over the world. 

Via Durini, 23
18-23/04 h. 10.00-20.00

Ceccotti Collezioni, the Tuscan brand specialized in fine traditional cabinet-making techniques, in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, leader in the Made in Italy furniture and leather upholstery, present the DUO Collection, expression of their design synergy and shared aesthetic vision. The first release of products is entirely designed by designer Roberto Lazzeroni, who inaugurated the first chapter of a partnership that looks toward the future.

Corso Monforte, 50
18-23/04 h. 10.00-22.00

19/04 h.19.00-22.00 Showcooking Eats & Beats - invitation only

EMU redefines how to design and produce continuosly innovating and caring about environmental social governance matters. Its furniture is the result of a green thread between design, durability, functionality, quality and sustainability.

Via Pontaccio, 10
18-22/04 h. 10.00-19.00
23/04 h. 10.00-18.00

18/04 h.18.00-21.00 Cocktail party - invitation only

"The brand that has promoted the Living Bathroom concept for some time, as an ambitious reinterpretation of bathroom design, launches a new collaboration with Foster+Partners. Also on view, new items in the bathroom collections by Victor Vasilev and Small Living Kitchens by Andrea Federici"

Via della Spiga, 31
18/04 h. 10.00-19.00
19-22/04 h. 10.00-21.00
23/04 h. 10.00-17.00

18/04 h. 19.00-22.00 Special event - invitation only

Between memory and future visions, always looking to the ancient art of woodworking, an invaluable heritage for the company, the Giorgetti Group is projected into its new adventure in one of the most luxurious areas of the city of Milan. On Design Week 2023, the Group presents the Giorgetti Spiga-The Place in via della Spiga 31, the brand's new Milanese outpost, which is a candidate as a place to visit in the city, offering ever-changing suggestions to customers and design lovers. Inside the store, which is spread over four floors, Giorgetti showcases its ability to design spaces and complete architectural projects, to offer its client a total interior design project, and presents the 2023 collections. An extraordinary set of iconic projects which tell a passion for details and the continuous search for excellence, through the very high quality of materials and tailoring.

Via Durini, 17
18-23/04 h. 10.00-20.00

The concept for the new setup of Ivano Redaelli Showroom aims to be an interpretation of an elegant and minimal chic japanese style: natural colors where specific textures are the protagonists, with weaves for the fabrics and straw used to make furnishig accessories.

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 6/8
18-22/04 h. 10.00-19.00
23/04 h. 10.00-15.00

18/04 h. 19.00-23.00 Cocktail & music night - invitation only

"The store will be completely revamped and, in addition to the new finishes — which are already available for sale — we will also be debuting a number of occasional pieces added to the Details collection 2024 catalogue.  Lush greenery installations will also be playing a starring role in this project, invading the space and thus introducing the theme of this Milan week:  GREEN [R]EVOLUTION.  Novamobili's aim is to highlight our longstanding commitment to sustainability, dating back to 2002 with the introduction of water-based paints and, as of this year, our transition to even greener and higher performance organic coatings."

Via Durini, 11
17-23/04 h. 10.00-21.00

18/04 h. 19.00-22.30 Private Cocktail by invitation

New Versace Home collection.  A space of great visual impact for the new collection that combines fashion, luxury and living.

an appointment

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Corso Venezia, 53
18-23/04 h. 10.00-20.00

Marmoreals Collection, produced by Alimonti Milano and signed by Gennaro Avallone, was born from the encounter between two similar sensibilities: a company that has been able to express the most unsuspected potential of marble and an artist-designer who has always distinguished himself for an unconventional observation of the materials.

United by the search for refined textures and the experimentation of craftsmanship that enhance the details, their meeting has generated a collection of limited edition sculptures that play on the combination of the pieces. Past and Present, Near and Far, Here and Now are the names, alluding to opposites capable of communicating with each other, of the works created in Anthracite, Pink Onyx and Ostuni White.

Via Durini,7
17-21/04 h. 10.00-21.00
22/04 h. 10.00-22.00
23/04 h. 10.00-19.00

20/04 h. 10.00-22.00

"During Milan Design Week, Alchymia reference brand in luxury and design furniture field, will exhibit a variety of new masterpieces, including decorative walls and uniquely designed loose furnishings. Swiveling and sliding decorative panels where the graceful lines and the use of sough-after finishings give life to a timeless and contemporary design. New fine upholstery, sophisticated coffee tables and neat dining sets perfecty complement the ambiance.

Via della Spiga, 34
18-23/04 h. 10.00-19.00

17/04 h. 18.00-21.00 Cocktail party by invitation only

Henge returns to Milan Design Week presenting the new collection in a completely renewed space where materic and chromatic contrasts stand out. This new collection highlights the concept of timeless design. Henge proudly continues its collaboration with longstanding collaborators Massimo Castagna, Ugo Cacciatori, and Isabella Genovese. Furthermore, the brand confirms the partnership with the internationally acclaimed designer Yabu Pushelberg.


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