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design by Jean-Marie Massaud
Price list 34.650 €

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, Lloyd is a bookcase distinguished by thin vertical wooden sticks that form light grids, which slide along the entire length on invisible horizontal lines. Each grid can be moved at will to create always different sequences. A play of full and empty spaces, of lights and shadows. A system that allows you to see the content, books and objects without fully unveiling it. The cutting-edge technology meets traditional materials such as wood and leather, to create a solid and essential structure. The vertical leather uprights are positioned at regular distances from each other, to give rhythm and highlight the free play of the grids. The sides of the bookcase are closed by fixed grids in solid oak. Lloyd containers and bookcases are available in two versions: wall-mounted or freestanding. The latter has sliding grids on both sides; the wall-mounted version has sliding grids only on the front side while the rear side that is in contact with the wall is closed by a matte black painted MDF panel. 

Structure in matt lead oak and saddle 07 Tortora

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