Italian furniture

Italian furniture

Choosing Interni for your interior decorating project means investing in the quality of furnishings that are Made in Italy, in the creativity of a customised project and, most importantly, in innovation.The interior design of a home, an office or other private space, studied and proposed by our professionals, ensures superlative quality: we buy and distribute furnishing elements from the finest productions. It is the “best selection” of the Made in Italy brands which give prestige to our catalogue of interior furnishings.We offer the top collections from the most exclusive brands, inserting contemporary and classic furniture in our interior designs paying particular attention to outdoor furniture, now an integral part of the home.Poliform, a brand renowned for the sofas it makes, Rimadesio, a leading company in the manufacturing of doors and room dividers and Flos, the outstanding lighting producer, are just a few of the prestigious names in the decor we propose.We study furnishings for distinguished homes, the interior design of exclusive spaces: we design dream homes with both modern and classic interiors in keeping with each customer’s needs.

Interior decorating: conveying exclusivity through design

The decor of the spaces in which we live influences our feelings and behaviour. The relationship between a space and the way furnishings positively impact those who live there must be maximized to make the effects materialize in everyday life.Through interior design developed with extreme attention, the top-performing refined materials, the maximum efficiency of the spaces and well-being of the people prove to be excellent. Design choices for interior furnishings are crucial to improving the quality of life: design is order, symmetry and balance. It is satisfaction for the eye, completeness for the individual.Today interior design is increasingly more emotional and is constantly being renewed in the way settings are conceived. Design reflects the moment in which we live; it is connected to evolution and change.Rather than indicating a concept related to happiness, a home evokes the idea of ​​a place where you can exercise full control, and freely enjoy that which brings you happiness, whether it be an activity or the people who share it with you. For this reason, interior furnishings focus on creating contexts that enhance the value of objects with an important meaning for each individual.When choosing interior furnishings, thinking in terms of awareness of the spaces and what stimulates happiness is fundamental; it is about defining how a room affects our mood, how it conveys who we are to our guests, but also to ourselves, to remind us that it is not furniture that defines a room, but what happens to people in that precise space.Renovation in interior design influences the boundaries of the domestic setting and affects all living spaces as well as the different furnishing groups: from day and night-time systems, beds and upholstered furniture, kitchens and accessories, and bathrooms to outdoor furniture, offices, lighting, curtains, doors and carpets, everything related to interiors.Each element chosen to complete a space knows how to communicate and informs us of its function: there is a story behind every line and detail; each choice reflects a way to establish coherence all around us.

Architecture and interior design: the experience of our interior designers

Interni is strongly competent in design: we take care of every detail to develop our idea with the customer’s basic overall concept.Customised interior projects of houses, private and residential spaces, offices and special residences: the work of our interior designers ensures exclusive services; from defining outstanding interior architecture to designing adjacent spaces, the customer is guided with the utmost professionalism and competence.The INTERNI team of architects and interior designers is composed of professionally trained individuals who are constantly updated on the latest trends in interior design. We are able to create spaces that are personalised down to the smallest details, proposing moods, trends, finishes and materials that are never commonplace.We design interior decor that responds to the various needs of practicality, communication and relaxation of people. We guide customers towards an awareness of their daily lives, offering spaces and elements that reflect each individual’s personal concept of functionality in a refined way. Interior decor must allow for a very rapid response to the dynamic changes of contemporaneity.Below you will find a wide selection of the more than 100 brands featured in the INTERNI catalogue, a proposal of the finest quality furnishings conceived by the most famous designers on the Italian and international scenes, focusing on the exclusivity of products Made in Italy.