Kitchen Furniture: the latest 2019 design trends

Kitchen Furniture: the latest 2019 design trends

Over the past few years, the kitchen has increasingly taken on a leading part in Italian homes becoming the heart of the life experienced there. The kitchen has already proclaimed itself as the meeting point between gastronomy and conviviality, thus connecting the act of preparing a meal with that of dialogue between friends and relatives.

How does the kitchen concept change?

The need and the pleasure of hosting and cooking with friends emerge and, consequently, even the kitchens are adapting to this new trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Functionality and technical precision are two of the “must-have” features of a kitchen nowadays in order to satisfy these needs and requirements. Equipped with the most modern accessories and appliances allows you cooking in a way that was previously unthinkable; they are also fitted with flexible systems capable of transforming the environment according to needs: the kitchen is no longer a separate room from the rest of the house, but is the absolute protagonist that enhances it.

The main features of 2019 design kitchens

Dekton, Silestone, natural stones, concrete, metals, heat-treated woods and steel are just some of the many high-performance materials that are used more and more frequently in kitchen furnishings. Materials used for worktops, the front side of the doors and wall units or even for entire islands make the kitchen a real jewel available to owners and guests. By now designed around the needs of customers, kitchens become real custom-made spaces that are completely customizable in terms of compositions, colors and shapes. Therefore, the customer is totally free to express his idea regarding the kitchen based on tastes, space requirements and personal needs. On the other hand, even the designer/architect has great design freedom, as new technologies and solutions expand the already large set of possibilities that are available when designing a kitchen. It is possible to offer the customer a wider range of choices, getting closer and closer to his expectations.

2019 Design kitchens: between innovation and efficiency

Speaking of 2019 kitchen trend,  we cannot avoid mentioning the trend  of “Show-cooking” and “Celato” which are two completely opposite ways of designing and using the kitchen space. On the one hand the “Show-cooking” adopts the “all in sight” approach: nothing is hidden and nothing is intended to be hidden. It is an authentic kitchen, but no less spectacular or innovative, which has both aesthetic and functional features that offer the user maximum comfort and flexibility. The finishing is a very important aspect for this type of kitchen: being completely visible, the aesthetic impact has its importance, therefore the materials used are always more refined and effective, making the environment the true protagonist of the house.On the other hand we have the “Celato” trend, the so-called retractable kitchens where, depending on the different time of the day, the kitchen can be hidden or unveiled. These are usually monobloc kitchens used in particular situations or inside small apartments, which avoid the need of dedicating an entire room to the kitchen. They are equipped with different types of closure: from the sliding panels to the kitchen inside a niche closed by doors, passing through vertical electrified panels, up to retractable doors. In conclusion, there are multiple ways to create a remarkable surprise effect. Another very important thing is that despite being small kitchens, they are still equipped with all the latest generation functions and all the comforts offered by a “standard” kitchen.In relation to the concept of the latest generation of comfort and functions, we cannot avoid discussing the world of household appliances and more specifically those that interact directly with the apps on all our mobile devices. All it takes is a simple touch and you can adjust the settings of ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and any other appliance that is part of the kitchen. The functions that can be managed from a smartphone or tablet are not limited to adjusting the temperature and type of cooking and you can turn on the appliance even when you are not inside the house. In fact, a device connected to the internet is enough to give life to our kitchen.

Let yourself be inspired by the Interni style

Interni, having the privilege of working with all the best companies in the sector, offers numerous possibilities and solutions to satisfy the demanding clientele who, confident in our professionalism and quality, decides to rely on us. In addition to the collaboration with the best companies in the sector, Interni also has a team of experts able to design functional kitchens and at the same time able to thrill and make people feel good. We strive to achieve attention to detail through our experience and taste in combining materials and colors with the most modern kitchen solutions.

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