The idea of comfort according to Edra

Edra was founded in 1987 in Perignano, Pisa, by Valerio and Monica Mazzei, with a very specific goal: to ensure the well-being of people through its products, sofas and armchairs, but also beds, tables, furniture, lamps.

The concept of well-being has acquired different connotations over the centuries. It has been linked to a more physical dimension, which has to do with the functionality of an object or architecture. Today it is a much more complex concept that affects the sphere of the inhabited space at 360 degrees, and refers more and more to a pleasure that is both physical and mental.

Pierluigi Masini writes "Wellness for Edra is health, relaxation, comfort. All that bends over the territory of the Latin Otium, a fertile field of thoughts, free to turn into serendipity, capable of bringing you far because if the body lives a feeling of well-being, the mind rides the imagination". The comfort that the company pursues put the man at the centre of the project. The old ergonomics evolves in the possibility for each of us to find the ideal position, alone or in company, on a product with which to establish an even empathetic relationship.

Edra gives life to well-being, by welcoming and interpreting contemporary values ​​such as privacy but also care, conviviality, ecology, wonder. It does it with an unconventional approach, which is opened to experimentation, led by principles that look at research, technology, material quality and the poetics of the project.

Pack, Francesco Binfaré
On the Rock, Francesco Binfaré
Research, in terms of both aesthetics and performance, follows the attitudes of the company and the interpretation of the deep needs and desires of man. Technology enters into the form of production techniques, innovative material patents and complex structures with hidden devices within them. GellyFoam® is an example: a special material that can be completely compressed and returns then to its original position, able to welcome each posture. Or the "Smart Cushion", joints inside the pillowlet that allow you to model it as desired and rotate it by 180 degrees, so as to guarantee postures that respond to different needs.
Standard by Francesco Binfarè
Craftsmanship always goes in parallel with the use of highly innovative techniques. For Edra, which strongly believes in the fruitful relationship between hand and machine, it is an essential value to combine the artisanal and manufacturing tradition of Made in Italy to the productive vision. Manuality is necessary to drive the machine, to produce processing that would otherwise be impossible, and makes the object unique, so valuable to be handed down from generation to generation. The relationship between innovation and manual capacity allows you to obtain objects of a quality and a value closer to those of a work of art than a furniture.
Tatlin sofa - structure
Tatlin sofa
Flap sofa - structure
Flap sofa
Finally, or rather at the origin of this story on the Comfort signed Edra, there is the inseparable relationship between technique and poetics. Attention to the details, the search for high performance and "timeless" elegance are in fact intertwined with the eyes of the authors who interpret well-being according to their special sensitivity. They tell their dreams to Edra and together they transform them into objects. Those objects are tools through which the house is strongly identified: it is one, but it can become many. Edra has always thought of its products even as domestic landscapes that tell us about a world that is outside the walls of the house. Well-being thus translates into a more conscious relationship between man, the object and the environment. "You look at an Edra sofa for its beauty, but you fully understand it when you sit down on it" -Pierluigi Masini.


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